“Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.”

Unlike regular schools, we take immense pride in being a school with a difference – our educational philosophy goes far beyond just the regular academics and touches upon almost all aspects of the life of a student which help him become not just a better student but also a better human being

Silent Features of the unique educational approach adopted by us include the following :


  • The school offers CBSE Board pattern of Education. The medium of instruction right from Class I to Class 10 section in strictly in English.
  • Across all our branches we have adopted, novel and innovative teaching techniques aligned with global best practices proven to deliver results.
  • In conjunction with innovative teaching techniques, the educational content is delivered by experienced practitioners;we extensively use latest audio/ visual aids to build the conceptual understanding of our students.
  • We approach the explanation of concepts across subjects via experiments to get our students to understand the practical application of those concepts. Our assessments are specifically tailored to test this conceptual understanding and specifically discourages “rote learning”.
  • In our experience, the long contact hours in school spend doing a number of productive and innovative activities apart from academics has the effect of inculcating qualities such as peaceful co-existence, disciplined behavior, social consciousness, and teamwork in the students.
  • We believe in taking complete responsibility of the academic performance of the students and do not in any way burden the parents with un-necessary hardships on this front. Parents are only required to provide high-level supervision.
  • Given the effort put in school, we believe that TUITIONS OR EXTRA HELP AT HOME will be NOT be required by your ward. If your child is found lacking in any subject, REMEDIAL FACILITY will be provided to him/her by the school to improve his / her performance.
  • NO HOMEWORK will be given to the students up till Pre-Primary level on the weekdays (except during the duration of tests & examinations for revision purposes).
  • From class I onwards learning assignments or some practice work in Languages & Mathematics may be given on daily basi