A First area of interest for parents is their ward’s wellness. SMPS has the situational advantage of being in a pollution free atmosphere, surrounded by hills and green trees. The greenish cover and open air spaces in and around the campus are an eternal source of fresh area with wealth of oxygen.

SMPS has established a regular health supervision routine by experienced MBBS doctors.

SMPS has Yoga as a part of its curriculum. Every morning all students attend Yoga class for breathing exercises and Surya Namaskars. Specialised Yoga classes are arranged to treat individual health disorders.

  •     School has a well-equipped infirmary
  •     Well-stocked Infirmary with medical equipment and medicines for emergencies.
  •     Maintenance of Medical records of each student
  •     First Aid training for Students
  •     Visiting Doctors advise students on healthy lifestyles and eating habits