Our vision is to build integrated, young students who are capable of fulfilling their dreams and becoming aesthetically rich and capable members of the society. Therefore, we aim to transform lives by creating and sharing knowledge, while instilling values that prepare leaders for tomorrow. We endeavor to foster and nurture the leaders of tomorrow by creating an environment for students where physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual growth
and overall development is given utmost importance. SMPS Gonda treats each child as a unique individual and develops him/her to the maximum potential by providing a variety of learning experiences.

Our Values and Attributes

Our values and attributes, which align with our guiding statements, are integral to creating a school culture and climate to realise our educational goals.
⦁ Compassion
⦁ Commitment
⦁ Determination
⦁ Honesty
⦁ Integrity
⦁ Perseverance
⦁ Respect
⦁ Responsibility
⦁ Self-Discipline
⦁ Trust


Keeping the class size very manageable to ensure effective academic tutoring and relationship building, our smart classrooms, are happy spaces. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive board. Each class maintains and runs its own class library, in addition to accessing the main library. Leadership, healthy exchange of views, responsibility for action are encouraged through circle time activities. More focus is on intra-class activities and class wise assemblies to promote 100% participation of students.
Students learn by doing, by breaking barriers of inhibition and trusting those around them. The school actively participates in Inter – SMPS events, inter- school events and invites other schools as well for various competitions. Students are encouraged to participate in Olympiads, Aryabhatta, NTSE, ASSET and other competitions. Tours, visit to heritage sites, museums, exhibitions etc. are a regular feature of the school’s curriculum. From learning in classrooms, to learning on a sports field; from learning in an art workshop to learning social skills; from learning musical instruments to learning sustainable development; our students have opportunities to develop as socially aware, academically proficient and holistically healthy

members of society, able to contribute positively in whatever area they choose. Believing co-curricular exposure to be an essential component of wholesome growth of our children, especially in areas of cultural refreshment and aesthetics, we host a rich canvas of cultural activities throughout the session. This enables us to take every student to the stage
and ensure 100% participation.

The school aspires to look after its differently abled children through the services of alearning centre called G. R. A. S. P. (Growth Remediation And Support Programme) offering services of special educators