A report on Fit India School Week Celebrations:

In compliance to the CBSE directives of celebrating “Fit India School Week” in the third and fourth weeks of November. Souvanns Millenium Public School,Gonda celebrated the week conducting the following activities day wise:

DAY-1:- The school conducted Special Assembly in which students did yoga including various Asanas like Anulom Vilom(Pranayam), Tadasana, Vrikshasana, Dolasana, Padmasana etc, A cricket match was played between staff members and students, zealously.

DAY-2:- The students did free hand exercise and stretched themselves for flexibility.

DAY-3:- The School began with the ’Fitness Assessment’ of students through ’Khelo India App.’ Further, a Poster Making Contest was conducted for the students on the Theme “Fit Body Fit Mind-Fit Environment”.

DAY-4:- The students participated in the Rope Skipping activities zestfully. A Hindi poem writing competition was conducted for students on the theme ’Fit India School’.

DAY-5:- The school organized fitness- Sports Quiz for students.

DAY-6:- As a part of ‘Fit India School Week’ essay writing session was conducted on a virtual
platform for grade6 students on the topic’ Fitness beats pandemic ‘. Essay writing is
a very sensitive form of self expression. It is a harmonious blending of ‘thought’ and
‘expression’. The students through their essay writing expressed a positive thought
on the importance of fitness, healthy diet and nutrition to boost up the immune
system and fight against pandemic.